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Rodeo Fame Magazine (RFM) highlights the most talented and talked-about rodeo stars and athletes in the world. A Must Read for Anyone Captivated by the Modern-Day Cowboy.


We are a passionate team and we aim to bring to life and deliver, with each issue, a once in a lifetime look into the life & style of some of the world’s most famous rodeo stars.


We bring unique talent and flavor to what we do. We pride ourselves on our creativity and delivering the best and most expressive experience of the rodeo world.


We are known for our cutting edge content on everything rodeo. Our Magazine highlights the most talented and talked-about rodeo athletes in the world.


There’s no other source that gives an insider’s look into the lifestyle of rodeo stars – from fashion, diet, home-life, rigs, animals, experiences, to travels and more.

Tooke Selected for Hall and Wall of Fame

by Amy Patterson Chandler “Feek” Tooke is a name considered  to be synonymous with “greatness” by those in the rodeo industry. The mention of his last name alone brings to mind images of heavy boned, feather footed broncs with sweeping manes and tails. These...

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Rodeo Fame Magazine Announces Inaugural Legacy of the West Gala

Rodeo Fame Magazine Announces Inaugural Legacy of the West Gala Rodeo Fame Magazine will be hosting the can’t miss, red carpet event of the 2018 NFR Season, the Legacy of the West Gala, Wednesday, December 12th at 2:00 pm at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. A...

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Injury Report on Wesley Silcox

  Wesley Silcox PRCA Bullrider Santaquin, UT World Titles Won: 1 (2007) WNFR Average Titles: 1 (2007) WNFR Qualifications: 7   Q&A with Rodeo Fame RF: Knowing that you broke your tib/fib how long will you be out of commission after surgery? Wesley: The break...

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by Brie Leonard July 11th, 2018 was the day that everything changed for PRCA Tie-Down Roper, Cade Swor. His wife Sarah Swor recalls, “It was just a normal day at the Sheridan WYO Rodeo Slack that AM. It was an early morning slack so I hadn’t seen Cade too much before...

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The Battles of Winning and Losing

by Brie Leonard Rodeo is a game of chance; you never know if you will get paid or not. You just hope that your best is good enough to see yourself at the pay window and have enough to move on to the next one. When rodeo winnings is how you make a living, every check...

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Ladies Bronc Riding Champ Takes on Hollywood

By Amy Patterson For Duke Wimberly, combin’ broncs is no unusual activity. Hollywood acting and stunt work, however, is new territory. The 2018 Cheyenne Frontier Days Ladies Ranch Bronc Riding champion mastered these skills in May of this year as she doubled for...

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Vision Board Success

So this might sound a little ‘woo’, but I made a vision board for the very first time at the beginning of 2016, and holy smokes it actually worked! I didn’t just throw random magazine cut outs on a post board though, I work better on my computer, so I copy and pasted...

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Las Vegas is a Lie

We’ve all seen the photos… the lights, the MGM Lion and gorgeous couples posed in front… vendors at Cowboy Christmas with perfectly merchandized booths… girls with hair and make up point, and styles that look like they walked straight out of the Boutique Hub top 5 NFR...

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Vegas Bound

Every single one of your business idols goes through times of stress, self-doubt and worry, too–even when they seem totally at ease. Because pulling it off is part of the job description of an entrepreneur, too. And we tend to be very good at it. We do what it takes....

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Chris Dumond

Chris Dumond

Featured Photographer

A good story makes you listen but a good story with a good photo can take you to another world. That’s what we want to do at rodeo fame, invite you inside our world.


We work close with photographers and enjoy telling their story because without them, we couldn’t do what we do. They live on the scene and literally capture moments of life for us to remember. Their talent is raw and passionate, and that makes me feel extremely honored to work with them. Every photographer brings a different perspective to the table. Looking at life from different perspectives can teach us to not judge at first glance, take a second look and then a second look…

April P
Rodeo Fame Magazine

Meet Our Featured Photographer

Chris Dumond

What is your style?
>> I try to make images that create a sort of tension for the viewer. It’s storytelling, for sure, but really focusing on the point in the story where’s there’s an explosion of action, or reaction, or there’s something about to happen and the viewer is just forced to hang suspended in this moment of complete tension. So whether that’s grainy black and white, or a tightly cropped long lens shot, or a big color/wide-angle shot, I’m really looking for the action and tension.

Most memorable photoshoot?
>> I shot the Sahara Marathon in 2001 in Algeria. I rode 26 miles in the back of a LandCruiser with a reporting team from Le Monde (French Newspaper). We exchanged pocket knives and smiled a lot at each other, since they didn’t speak English and I don’t speak French. I also met the real-life Hunter “Patch” Adams, who was there providing humanitarian/medical aid to the refugee camp we stayed in.

Why photography?
>>So much of my life is striving and trying to force things to happen, working against nature to produce order from chaos. Photography actually forces me to slow down and engage with the world around me and simply observe it as it is—on it’s own terms. Photography has taken me to places I normally would not have the opportunity to go—behind the bucking chutes at a rodeo is a great example! Photography always gives me the best seat in the house, either right in the action or behind the scenes. It’s an “all-access pass” to life!

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Chris Dumond

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