Tuf Cooper has one ultimate rig that he travels in. We caught up with Tuf to get the low down on his truck and trailer that he travels in around the country.

RFM: What brand of truck and trailer do you run?

TC: I run a Chevy Truck and tow a Bloomer Trailer

RFM: Why do you like the brand of truck and trailer?

TC: I’ve always driven a Chevy truck. They haul smooth and they always have top of the line accessories. Like wifi, anywhere and everywhere I travel. Bloomer trailers are the Chevy trucks of the trailer world. They do a great job building a trailer that I feel my horses are safe in when I travel so much.

RFM: What is your favorite part of your truck and trailer?

TC: There are a couple little things I did to this trailer to make things easier when we travel. We put a hand washing station on the outside by the outside water faucet. So when you get diesel on your hands you can wash them really quick and get back on the road. We made my back tack really functional and easy to organize. My favorite part of my Chevy is the smooth ride for me and my horses and the wifi that helps me get my business done on the road.

RFM: What’s the biggest stand out that makes it unique?

TC: The wrap on my trailer is different. It’s blue to match my blue Chevy truck.

RFM: How often do you wash your rig on the road?

TC: I try to keep it pretty clean so I run it through the big truck washes at truck stops about once a week.

RFM: Do you like to listen to music when on the road?

TC: Yeah the road gets long and boring so you have to play some good music to keep yourself awake.

RFM: Do you have a tricked out sound system?

TC: Chevy trucks come with an awesome sound system so I didn’t have to add anything to it.

RFM: Do you have any cameras or music set in the back for your horses when you travel? TC: No

RFM: What are three things you can not travel without?

TC: My dog Pepper, my girlfriend/driver Tiffany and my good horses Topaz and Big Slick

RFM: Who decorated the inside of the living area?

TC: Trail Boss

RFM: What is stocked in your fridge when you are traveling? TC: Gatorade, water, fresh fruit and anything fast and easy to make.

RFM: What is one trick out that you would love to get done to your truck and trailer? TC: I’ve had two trailers with basketball goals on the back. That’s the one thing I’d like to get done to this trailer.