Austin Flavor Exploring the City of Weird with Professional Bull Rider, Cody Nance

By Brenda Matamoros-Beveridge

Photography: Edward Kemper


“Give me that Cody Nancy smirk,” the photographer said and right on cue, Cody delivered.  It doesn’t hurt that the bull rider is extremely photogenic with striking blue eyes, classic good looks and that ever-mischievous lopsided-smile.  

Edward Kemper Photography

It was hovering around 97 degrees with not one cloud in the sky and Cody let us walk him around Austin in a long-sleeved shirt, jeans and boots, carrying 20 pounds of chaps and a never-ending supply of his signature bandanas.

Rodeo Fame magazine met up with Cody and his girlfriend Korie, in Austin during the PBR event held over the Sept 17-18 weekend. Our mission was to explore the different flavors of a town that aims to stay as weird as possible. We took Cody to one of the most diverse streets in America; Congress Avenue. The street is host to the Texas State Capitol on one end and farmers markets, bohemian merchants selling their incense and tie-dyed t-shirts, trendy restaurants and shops, pizza joints and the legendary Allen Boots on the other.

Edward Kemper Photography

Over a lunch of oysters and ahi tuna at Perla’s Seafood and Oyster Bar (Cody was riding in about 6 hours so he had to keep it light with protein and beer) we found out that Cody is petrified of teeny tiny sweat bees but not 2 tons of bull; how he likes his Wranglers (absolutely no skinny jeans, his thighs are too thick;) his love for Tennessee and God.

And when he throws his bandanas into the crowd after each ride – whether he makes the 8-seconds or not – he is spreading the word of the Lord.

That’s our aim with Rodeo Fame magazine – to go beyond scores, times and TV appearances and to get to know the characters and personalities of the people we cover.  The legendary and newbies of the rodeo world and the grit and determination that keeps them pushing blacktop all over this great country and past its borders too.  Rodeo Fame will be ever present to bring you the heart of the sport.