Home Decor is Decorating, Re-Decorating, & Changing it Up

by, Kim Zierlein

Home is where the heart is; we hear it all the time, right? Why not make your house the center, your family’s heart then? For Lindsay Branquinho, wife of World Champion Steer Wrestler Luke Branquinho, she does just that!

Rodeo Fame caught up with this classically beautiful mom of 3 (sons: Cade, Jameson, and Luke Hayes) and clothing boutique owner to get a peek inside what make their house in Alamos, California home to them when not on the rodeo road.

The first word Lindsay uses to describe their “heart” of the family is: Eclectic! She is not scared to push the boundaries and is never worried if she finds something she absolutely adores because it might not “ fit.” Their home is light and bright. Lots of greys and whites. It tells a story, a story of who they are as a family by what it contains.

Tons of antiques and heirlooms make up the shabby-chique design that the Branquinhos love. With so much activity and fast paced, busy lives, Lindsay feels its nice to come home to some place welcoming, peaceful, and familiar.

“It always seems like we have family and friends over,” Lindsay says. That is why the living area is her favorite place. It is where the living room, the dining room, and kitchen are all joined. It’s a great open space with a mix of everything! It has all of Lindsay’s favorites: a linen sofa, shaggy rug, and many of her antique finds. It is also home to Luke’s 5 champion saddles and buckles. The accents, antiques and heirlooms, in the area bring it to life. Most these items are family heirlooms or pieces Lindsay finds at flea markets and antique shows where she and her sisters let their creativity come alive. These pieces are family to her and carry their own unique story. This opens the door for a very welcoming feeling to people.

“It seems like we always have family or cowboys coming and going,” Lindsay says, “which we love!”

A highlight to Lindsay’s antique love was a trip to Round Top, TX for the Antique Week. This year the show hosts its 48th annual show. As for Lindsay, “That place was like a wonderland for me!” So if you are in Round Top, TX around March 28-April 4 you might be able to find some great pieces to add to your collection!

With sites like Instagram and Pinterest, Lindsay derives inspiration for new ideas and new finds to be made. Her latest project that is a just for “her” space is a part of their new addition and remodel: every woman’s dream, a closet to die for!

Being an owner of a clothing boutique, Lindsay says it goes without saying that her collection of clothes is almost at an embarrassing level. Having some place pretty to put your clothes, accessories, and shoes where it is organized and easy to see is so fun for Lindsay.

The closet boasts of wood floors with white walls and shelving, and of course goes without saying an antique chandelier that was a find. A sheepskin rug brings out a real feminine and calming touch for a small hideaway for this busy mom.

So with a little creativity, a lot of love, and some fun, home is where the heart is and your house can be your family’s heart.