By Amy Patterson

With it becoming easier all the time to express yourself, few things ring true as being consistent among today’s fashion enthusiasts. Two things, however, reign supreme and are loved and cherished across the board: Turquoise and Silver. A person would be hard pressed to find any influencer or fashionista – male or female – that is not dripping silver and turquoise baubles on a daily basis.
The true struggle comes when trying to locate a reputable, affordable, and knowledgeable artist and seller.
Turquoise & Teepees is your gal. Shelby Billingsley started her business in 2014 as a college freshman looking for a side hustle. Her jewelry company, she says, has grown beyond her wildest dreams.
Cluster work, najas, Navajo pearls, squash blossoms, and vintage conchos are all things that Shelby has mastered and is proud to offer her customers. Her pieces are extravagant, and simple, timeless, and contemporary – they are classic, beautiful, and are sure to make a statement.
Even if eye-catching blue and green turquoise isn’t your game, Turquoise & Teepees has a variety of other stones to tickle your fancy – spiny oyster, white buffalo, and coral have also made appearances in her jewelry.
These pieces are sure to become heirlooms and your favorite to wear, so head over to – layaway plans are available.