By Amy Patterson

Throughout the years, cowboys have worn wild rags not only for their practical applications, but also as a statement of their individual fashion and style preferences. While this still holds true, in today’s world the wild rag is not just for punchers on the prairie.

Sharon Buys started her business in Bakersfield, California in 2010. Since then, she has introduced these cowboy scarves to Instagram fashionistas, influencers, rodeo wives, city folks, and thousands in between.

Not only does B. Wild create and stock wild rags, but Sharon also makes mini scarves. Her online store features scarf slides, too.

No matter what your taste or style is, guaranteed Buck Wild has something for you. With multiple high-quality fabric options and a sea of different patterns and colors, even the most selective shoppers can find something to suit.

Besides the amazing quality of her creations, Sharon’s vast variety of prints makes it difficult to pin her to any particular fashion “style.” There are solids, animal prints, bright, bold florals, geometric styles, serapes, Hawaiian prints, paisleys – the list goes on and on! Each wild rag is sewn by Sharon to ensure her meticulous standards are upheld, promising top-notch results time and time again.

Check out the Buck Wild website for her full inventory – Sign up for email notifications and get 10% off your first order!