Wesley Silcox
PRCA Bullrider
Santaquin, UT

World Titles Won: 1 (2007)
WNFR Average Titles: 1 (2007)
WNFR Qualifications: 7


Q&A with Rodeo Fame
RF: Knowing that you broke your tib/fib how long will you be out of commission after surgery?
Wesley: The break wasn’t terrible and should heal up nice. I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks. He thinks I will be able to start walking on it then.


RF: What does your recovery look like?
Wesley: I will be doing upper body strengthening and hopefully be in decent shape by the time my leg is ready to start conditioning.


RF: What rodeo is projected to be your comeback or will you shoot to start the 2019 season coming back strong?
Wesley: I’ll be ready to get on practice bulls in May and my goal is to be 100% by Reno.


Instagram Update breakdown from @wesleysilcox
-broke the Tib/Fib February 3rd in Salt Lake City
-surgery put rod in place
-all the calls, texts, and prayers are much appreciated



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