By Brenda Matamoros

Following his appearance on “Dancing with the Stars,” Bonner Bolton did not slow down as a model and entertainment personality. He has appeared as a face for American Eagle jeans in a new campaign and shot with several premium fashion magazines.

Bolton has also kept a foot in PBR, when he and his rodeo cowboy dad, Toya, brought their bull, Houdini’s Ghost, to Austin to compete in the PBR’s elite series.

The Texas cowboy, who remains on injured reserve after shattering his C-2 in the 2016 PBR season opener in Chicago, found another way to compete against the world’s best.

“If I’m not going to be riding, this is a great way to stay connected to the sport and keep up some great relationships,” he said.

In the fall, Bolton had made a whirlwind appearance at New York Fashion Week, where he hop-scotched velvet-rope soirees just as his cover feature in the premium magazine THE IMPRESSION was hitting.

“I enjoy the new world IMG has introduced me to, and I also hope to be able to stay with the stock contracting,” Bolton said. “These animals are the heroes of our sport. I love being around them and taking care of them. Best of all, I have a great partner in my dad, who has a real eye for bull talent.”

Toya Bolton is also excited about his son’s new outlet to be in the PBR.

“It will be fun to be there together to watch a bull of ours do his thing and hopefully perform like he’s supposed to,” Toya said.

Bolton is now in discussions with IMG to pursue various other projects. Stay tuned for his next move.

Bolton’s 2016 accident in Chicago is featured in a new Go 90 series “I Got Wrecked” streaming for free on Verizon’s Rated Red Network. The eight-episode series tells the inside story of the most notorious wrecks in PBR history.