AUSTIN, Texas – At 14, Rocker Steiner is already a champion wakeboarder. The 4’ 10”,97 pounder has never met a dare he didn’t love. Given his DNA, there might have been a silver spur branded on his heart from birth, but it’s the flint in his eye that matters.

His great-great grandfather’s name was Buck Steiner. Born in 1899, by the Roaring ‘20s the
young man was producing his own touring wild westshow. When those shows went the way of the buffalo, he made the natural move to rodeo production. His son, Tommy, would take over the company, followed by his son, bull riding champion Bobby Steiner.

Bobby would eventually sell the rodeo company to nurture other business interests and thought they’d walked away from the sport until his son, Sid, announced that he wanted to bull dog. Sid Steiner’s entry into the history books is unforgettable in both skill and style. Many good cowboys would go on to win the steer wrestling championship. None would do it in such a short career or with their long, blond hair done up in cornrows. Only one victory lap has been burned in Thomas & Mack by a happy, bare-chested round winner with tribal tattoos rippling over his huge guns.

“We still have horses around but Rocker didn’t show a lot of interest until Don Graham told us about the Mini Bareback Riding World Championship event he’d seen,” said Bobby Steiner. “We went to see one ourselves and Rocker caught fire. I don’t know if you believe in genetics, but I do.”

The call in the kid’s heart is strong. He’s been riding the bigger horses in practice, but there’s all kinds, shapes and sizes in his dozen-head string.

“These days, it’s hit the lake and wakeboard, then go ride,” said Bobby. “He’s fortunate to have Ty Murray and Kaycee Feild’s instruction and help. Rocker’s a likeable little guy. I think it’s the happy, passionate way he goes about things that these great riders like. He’s teaching Ty to barefoot ski and both of them are having a blast. Kaycee texted Rocker when he was out at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo after the kid had won his junior bareback riding and had him come behind the chutes with him to ‘warm up his glove’. Rocker wore Kaycee’s riding glove around until it was time for him to ride and grinned every minute.”

Look for Rocker Steiner in the Junior Roughstock Association Bareback Riding Senior Division as he works to qualify for the 2018 Jr. NFR. For more information, go to Facebook @juniorroughstockchampionships.