A two-time Champion??

Richard Champion, the first-ever The American winner took over $1 million dollars home in 2014 has had a stellar career since, placing 2nd in ne WNFR standings. The question is, can he win The American again.

Bareback Riding Contender

David Peebles spurred one down in Cowtown Coliseum to punch his ticket to AT&T Stadium, with a score of 85.


KInsel’s little Sister Can Fly

The new names in barrel racing are Hailey Kinsel and Sister, AKA “The Arena Recorder Setters.”

Hailey, 23 years old and seven year old Sister, have had a stellar year starting at the 2017 THE AMERICAN where they set the record for the amount of money won in one day, $433,000.

After that, the duo went on to win the College Finals in June. While she didn’t compete as much in the spring of 2017 due to school, she managed to have a healthy total of about $45,000 won in pro rodeos by the middle of July.

Then she went on to win $50,000 at the Salt Lake rodeo and that secured her spot at the WNFR where she set two records – the earning records and a new arena record. On February 21, 2018, Sister and Hailey did it once more, stopping the clock at 13.60 seconds at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

“The Arena Recorder Setters” are headed back to AT&T Stadium where they will hopefully make there mark once again.

Barrel Racing Contender:

Ten-year-old London Gorham, has the poise and résumé of a seasoned competitor. She and her horse, Frenchman’s Assassin, had the fastest time on Thursday at 13.740 at semis and a paycheck $40, 581. She won an addition $5,000 for being the youngest The American qualifier. Next for London, 1st place and $1 million at the American.



From Super Bowl Rings to Super Steer Wrestling

Former New York Giants Super Bowl winner, McKenna Pascoe, will be competing against the best steer wrestler in the world and at 6’5 and 265 pounds he is aptly called Bear by everyone. He comes from ranch people and grew up roping and riding before he was drafted by the NFL out of Fresno State. His goal is to qualify for the 2018 NFR.

Steer Wrestling Contender

Denver Berry, the 2017 College National Finals Champion Steer Wrestler, dogged one down in the semi-finals in a time of 3.47 to win the shoot-out at Cowtown Coliseum.


Third times a charm

Clay Elliot, the 2017 Semi-Finals champion produced a score of 85.25 on buckin’ horse Sue City Sue, to become the reigning champion for the third year in a row.

Saddle Bronc contender

Nine-time WNFR Qualifier Heith DeMoss rode Cash Deal out to add $2,000 dollars to his pocket book, placing second.


Milligan beats himself to win spot at The American

Tyler Milligan beat his own time and alter ego Milligan B (semi-finals double qualifer Milligan A and Milligan B) for the first place spot, with a time of 7.64.

Tie-Down Contender

Behind Milligan, the Cajun Marshall Leonard tied one down in a time of 8.81, placing second in the shoot-out.


Full SPEED head

Speed Williams spun one for Wesley Thorp, who goes down in history as the first team roper at the semi-finals to ever qualify for the American as both header and heeler. Winning the shoot-out as a heeler with a time of 4.32, Thorp then turned around and placed fourth in the shoot-out heading for Seth Smithson.

Team Roping Contenders

The dream team, Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith, stopped the clock with a time of 4.50, coming in second.



Rookie of the Year up against World Champion

Jose Vitor Leme, PBR, had only been in the United States maybe 72 hours when he won Rookie of the Year at the PBR World Finals. At present, he sits 15th in the World Standings but for the Brazilian, dominating The American will make him feel right at home.

Bull Riding Contender

Jess Lockwood is hardly a contender, he is the present winner of the PBR World Championship and already owns a $1 million prize. He wants another one for sure from The American.