Electrolyte formula for your equine athlete.

Electrolyte formula for your equine athlete.


Hi! As I sit here waiting for slack to start at Prineville, OR, I am alerted by the weather channel of a heat advisory (104!).
So my article today is keeping your horse cool!

1. Shade! Some places we go have stalls but other times we have to build pens. In a stall you can hook up
a box fan. If you’re building a pen- get creative- use your awning if you have one- or find a tree!
2. Water- keep your horse hydrated! And keep it fresh. Water in a bucket can get hot fast. I saw a great idea on Pinterest that had frozen water bottles in buckets of water to keep
It cool. We even water down our hay.
3. Electrolytes- horses lose a lot when they sweat. My vet recommended putting a powder electrolyte in their water (get them used to it at home, and offer another water source in case they won’t drink it). We use a paste made by ortho equine called electro- boost. Make sure to look for ones with no sugar added. Some horses can tie up on those.
4. Less is more- take off that fly sheet when you haul. They get hot!
5. Water baths- spraying your horse off is a great idea to cool down. But if you don’t scrape the water off it just heats back up and feels hotter; try a bath with a water/rubbing alcohol mixture and a sponge.
6. Travel at night if you can. So much cooler!

And finally- know your horses vital signs so you can recognize if he’s not feeling well and call your vet ASAP if you suspect something is wrong!

See you down the road!

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