Rhinestone Lipgloss is a badge of proud, determined, beautiful women who aren’t

afraid to go after life harder than the average bear.

She graduated with a degree in Mandarin-Chinese and was working as a translator. But by something of an accident and a little money that her horse, Josie, had won for her in a weekend competition, Sarah Kelsey became a successful entrepreneur.

You have probably heard of Rhinestone Lipgloss and maybe even own some of the RL products. But, you probably don’t know that Sarah started this business all because she needed a pair of earrings to match the custom made shirt that her momma made for her to compete in at the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

Sarah wore her big, custom, blinged-out earrings at the show and had quite a few girls come up to her asking how she could run in earrings so big and heavy. Sarah pulled out the earrings and commented, “they were not heavy at all.”


The girls were shocked and wanted to purchase a pair right then! Sarah, who still has the very first pair of earrings she ever made, politely said no, but offered to make them a pair.

After this experience, Sarah got to thinking and decided that there was clearly a market for comfortable bling. What cowgirl can resist bling, and better yet, comfortable bling? So, with $85 left over from a check that her horse, Josie, had won for her, she started the paperwork to make Rhinestone Lipgloss offcial.

What started out as a ‘boutique’ style Facebook page and a small booth at a local rodeo, has turned into a popular, very successful company. The RL brand has been on a winning streak with contestants that include the NLBRA (Little Britches) Queen and Princess, National High School Rodeo Association Queen, Miss Rodeo Idaho, Utah and Oklahoma and countless more. Sarah is humbled by the fact that these ladies could have chosen any earrings to wear, but choose Rhinestone Lipgloss.

The main hashtag is unique is its own right, #WhatTheWinnersWear. This is not referring to the title her customers achieve, but refers to their drive in life. From Adrian Brannan of “Buckaroo Girl” to Melissa Bennet, Kansas Railroad engineer to Fallon Taylor, just to name a few of women with inexplicable drive, that wear RL.


Sarah Kelsey, who still answers the messages, does the invoices, orders inventory and                             builds every custom pair of earrings can be contacted at by visiting her website at                                               RhinestoneLipgloss.com or by phone at 567-356-7176.