1: Money Comes And Goes
Owning your own business is legit ‘feast or famine’. Some months you’ll have more money than you know what to do with; others you’ll be cashing in the mason jar on the dresser to keep the lights on or make payroll. 
2: Set. Office. Hours. 
I made the mistake of NOT doing this, and my obsession with my company led me to MANY nights conversing with clients at 3am about what color earrings best match their eyes.  This is tough on a marriage and tough on your sleep cycle.  Lay out boundaries for your clients early on, and you wont have to explain to them why you cant keep having these Chinese time zone meetings.  
Stones delivered late so you cant get those custom sets done? Your fault.  Post office crushes a package in transit? Your Fault.  Its Tuesday, their pageant is Saturday, and you cant get earrings built and shipped to Comanche OK in three days? YOUR FAULT 
4: Mistakes will teach you more (and more quickly) than your wins will 
I think this applies to life in general, but it sure seems amplified in business. However, without risk there is no room for growth, so its a necessary evil 
5: Most people will think you’re crazy.  Or clueless. Or Both. 
But heres the thing- you HAVE to be the crazy part.  Thats the secret ingredient.  Because most people and their ‘logic’ wont let them take the leaps that are vital to starting a successful business. You have to do what seems crazy in order to get it off the ground.  The clueless part is essential too- heres why: It weeds out the ‘want-trepreneurs’ from the ‘entrepreneurs” because if you’re not motivated enough to seek out the answers yourself (and I dont mean message people who have ‘made it’ with questions like ‘where do you get your fabric’ because you want to design clothes like them) you may as well go ahead and give right up, because the questions get bigger and the answers get harder to find.  
Sarah Kelsey
Owner, Rhinestone Lipgloss