Written By: Shannon Geddes


The Rider is a movie that will evoke emotions and understanding from those that are cowboys and comprehend the western way of life. Brady Jandreau plays himself in the movie as a cowboy that crushed his skull and the challenges that go along with a life threatening injury and an uncertain future.


On April Fools Day 2016, Brady’s entire life changed after he was riding in the Fargo Pro Rodeo on a Horse named Thunder Bay. He came off the horse and swung underneath her getting stomped on resulting in a traumatic brain injury  3.25” long x 1.25” wide x .75” deep in brain cavity. Amazingly, Brady stayed awake for 11 minutes before having a grand a mal seizure at the hospital.


Brady, being a stubborn, resilient cowboy woke up after three days and immediately wanted out of the hospital. With incredible determination he passed the tests to get released from the hospital and within about a month and half he was back to riding and training horses.


Writer and Director Chloe Zhao has created an authentic portrayal of the cowboy way of life and the struggles and triumphs that occur on the rodeo circuit and throughout the western lifestyle. Brady Jandreau may not be a big name actor, but he has the will of a fighter and the strength to overcome all the challenges that life has thrown at him.


Brady’s advice to all is, “Don’t take things for granted. When something that appears negative in your life happens, look again – perception is everything.” The Rider is a movie that proves, with enough heart, you can accomplish even the toughest things life throws at you.


The Rider is available on DVD, get your copy today.