Fall is officially here! And in Wyo country, in our opinion, the best cooking is campfire cooking while camping or hunting. There is just something about an early morning waking up with the smell of coffee as it boils in the coffee pot, and the snap crackle pop of the fire as your cast iron skillet starts to sizzle with bacon grease. Recently my family and I went camping with some great friends. While up there they had a new skillet to season so I said I can season it you can make your famous Spud Baker taters.

Zac and Jackie Baker are from Cody, WY. These two are an awesome couple with 2 kids and yup, #3 is on the way! Zac is a veteran of our United States Armed forces. He used to ride bulls, but now he has taken his passion of the sport to the stands to share with others and his family. This recipe comes from him today. As you saw before the famous “Spud Baker taters” are quiet well known in our little circles up here in the Wyoming country because taters are his specialty. So as follows is a great late summer/early fall recipe for over the campfire or firepit at home. It takes some chopping, and only 1 skillet to have a full meal to put on toast or in a tortilla!



-6 Yukon Gold taters (chopped, skins on)
-half medium yellow onion (chopped)
-3 mini peppers chopped (red, yellow, orange)
-bacon grease from cooked bacon
-3 slices of bacon (chopped)
-shredded cheese (your choice)
-season with your favorite seasonings
(good ol’ salt and pepper for us)

1. Get a good fire started in the pit and let burn down to small flame and coals
2. Cook 6 strips of bacon in a cast iron skillet to get seasoning and good grease buildup
3. Add in taters and onion and stir constantly to coat and brown
4. Add peppers, bacon, and seasoning
5. Stir regularly to keep from sticking to skillet
6. Cook about 15-20 minutes or until taters are tender
7. Last few minutes top with cheese to melt & serve it up!

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