We’ve all seen the photos… the lights, the MGM Lion and gorgeous couples posed in front… vendors at Cowboy Christmas with perfectly merchandized booths… girls with hair and make up point, and styles that look like they walked straight out of the Boutique Hub top 5 NFR Fashion looks….
Its all BS.
Are there beautiful women all over NFR? Yes. Are there couples who look like real life models (some of them even are… I’m looking at you Chenae and Stetson..)? Yes. But let me tell you what else there is:
There is a guy beside himself because Southwest lost his luggage.
Theres a JRNFR girl in tears because she finally made it out here and her horse is lame.
Theres a mom frantic because she KNOWS she packed that ONE THING that she can’t run to Walmart out here and buy, but she cant find it.
And there’s an earring designer ready to LOSE HER MIND because the earrings she has spent months building by hand arrived to her booth and the cards they are hanging on are ruined from traveling 2,000 miles.
That girl was me yesterday.
Frantically calling the studio in Ohio, sending photos of all (like an HUNDRED) damaged cards so that they can print them, punch them by hand so that each style fits, and OVERNIGHTING them to the trade show.. Thank goodness for a husband who can build a booth so that I can make sure our product is ready to go. I spent all of Wednesday (we open on Thursday at 9am). We dont have the luxury of ‘ordering’ our product… we have to build it ourself.
FED EX saved the day, and I was able to get everything recorded…. Its currently 5:46am on Thursday… the last earring was carded about 17 minutes ago, and I’m getting ready to stand in front of my closet out here to decide what Fashion Posse worthy outfit I need to put on today for Day 1…I am challenged in this department, so I bought about 43 different things, and I wonder what the closets of girls like Tiffany or Shaina look like in comparison to mine… are each of their outfits planned out? Or do they whip something up each morning like me? How is their hair and makeup always perfect? How do they stay awake for all of the festivities? Is there a secret nap time I dont know about? Do they eat proper meals? Or do they nosh a package of peanut butter crackers and a Red Bull as they search for their Uber like I do? Who knows…
But it doesnt matter, because when the rest of the world sees it on IG, or FB, it will be perfect.
This is why Vegas is a lie. We are all winging it.
Off to get dressed… see y’all at the booth, where no one will be able to tell I was having a melt down 27 hours ago…..