So this might sound a little ‘woo’, but I made a vision board for the very first time at the beginning of 2016, and holy smokes it actually worked! I didn’t just throw random magazine cut outs on a post board though, I work better on my computer, so I copy and pasted brands and photos of the lifestyle and goals I wanted.  I was extremely intentional with reflection, segmenting my life, and visualizing the goals I wanted to achieve. Not only did I achieve my goals, I took my life places I’d never even expected.
The purpose of a vision board is to illustrate our dreams and goals visually to remind and motivate us every day. Every time we see our vision board we visualize our goals and think on them. Our thoughts then inform our actions.
Step 1: Reflect
Take some time and dedicate it to yourself and your reflections. Turn the world off and turn on. A great way is to look through pictures on your phone chronologically from the beginning of the year. This helps us remember what happened this year and it helps us better answer the questions below. It’s most important to write your reflections down and make it REAL. The goal is to take TIME and THINK about a year of life and the life you lived. Ask yourself some of the following questions.
Step 2: Envision
Now, it’s time to envision the next year! Start by listing out the different aspects of your life. For example: relationships, fitness, financial, career, experiences, mindset etc. Next, think about your goals and how you envision each of the aspects that you listed for this next year… and write them down! Think about the WHY behind each of the goals and make it sure they’re driven by genuine intentions. Then see if there’s words or mantras that stick out to you for this next year or images that represent your goals. You can dig deeper by asking yourself some of the following questions.
Step 3: Create
Once you’ve envisioned a few words, mantras, images, patterns, etc. that flow with your goals for this next year, it’s time to put it into a vision board! It sounds odd, but I just started grouping my photos together on Photoshop; places I wanted to travel all went together, brands I wanted to work with went together, things I wanted to purchase, etc.  
There’s no pressure to make it perfect! After all, we’re not perfect and our lives aren’t perfect. If you’re doing this with a group, we encourage you to share your board with them! By being vulnerable and sharing, you’ll develop tighter connections and they can support you throughout the year! Once you’re done, hang it up where you can see it every single day.
Step 4: Make this vision board work for you
It’s all in your head (and where you physically put the board). Hang it somewhere that you can see every morning and night. When you see it, take a moment, look at the different aspects that you’ve represented and visualize. When you wake up in the morning, visualize your year and let that guide your day. Before you sleep, visualize your year and let that seep into your dreams. By putting it somewhere extremely visible, you’re reminded of your visions daily so you can act accordingly to achieve your goals.
I know this might sound a little “new age”, but it ABSOLUTELY WORKS!!! Here’s to an amazing 2019! 
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