Nestled in the heart of Wimberley, Texas, along Loneman Creek shaded by towering oak trees sits a private ranch that looks as if it hasn’t aged a day since the late 1800’s. From wooden cabins to Victorian cottages with a touch of authentic Texas are, this “rustic ranch” was not stumbled upon by chance, but a dream created by none other than country music superstar, Kevin Fowler.

‘Kevin Fowler’s Rustic Ranch’ set on 130 acres just outside of Austin, has quickly become a sought-after venue for many brides wanting a country, yet modern wedding, with a touch of old Texas charm. From the Pennsylvanian cabin built in the 1800’s reserved for the groom and his party, to the 1913 Victorian relocated from south Texas for the bride’s quarters, every building has a story and been renovated and restored by Kevin himself.

RFM: How long have you been collecting and restoring old buildings? “I’ve always loved building things. Over the last ten years or so I’ve really gotten into moving old structures and restoring them to their original glory. I recently moved some old silos that we’re going to turn into guest houses. That’s gonna be a fun project!”

RFM: Where did this passion come from? “My dad has always been a collector of antiques. I guess I got it from him. I’ve always liked old things. Whether it’s guitars or buildings or whatever. Old things have always intrigued me. They have a story to tell. I can look at an old house and just imagine what all it has seen or been through. Or who all lived in it. They just fascinate me.”

RFM: Did you always plan to open up your private property as a wedding venue? “I really built Rustic Ranch for me and friends and family. But it seemed like such a waste to not let others enjoy it. It’s such a beautiful place. It really is a step back in time. The wedding and events were an afterthought. I really enjoy seeing people enjoy the place as much as I do.”

RFM: Are all the buildings on the property original structures you’ve relocated to the ranch? “All but two of the buildings on the ranch were moved there.”

RFM: What is it about restoring these old buildings as opposed to building and recreating them? “Anybody can take a bunch of old materials and try to build a structure that looks old to the average person. But to me the old original buildings have a charm that you can’t recreate. They have a story to tell. A history that can’t be manufactured.”

RFM: How involved are you in nding these buildings and restoring them? “I’m 100 percent involved. These buildings are my babies. I seek out each one of them. I go out and beat the bushes to nd them and coordinate everything from the move to the restoration. My old buildings are my passion. I could never let somebody else be in control of that.”

RFM: Being on the road touring so much, how often do you get back to the ranch to do more projects? “I’m usually home about three days a week. I live at the ranch when I’m not on the road. So, I get to spend a good amount of time there. I’m always dreaming up new projects when I’m home. It’s an obsession!”

RFM: Do you plan on expanding the Rustic Ranch more? “I’m getting ready to build a dance hall out of some old 1800’s barns that we took down. That’s gonna be a big job. But it’s gonna be fun. I’ll never run out of projects!”

RFM: What is your favorite building/piece on the ranch and why? “I love all of my old structures but I think my old 1800’s log cabin is my favorite. It’s really cool and has a lot of character. But I also love the house that I live in. It’s an early 1900’s Victorian farmhouse that we moved from New Braunfels, Texas. It’s hard to pick a favorite. These buildings are like my kids. I love all of ’em!!!”