She grew up on the Texas/Louisiana border in a town called Orange. Her husband, PBR World Champ Cooper Davis, grew up about an hour away. They never met until a mutual friend introduced them in 2014 and they’ve been side by side ever since.

About 6 months into their relationship, Kaitlyn received a job offer for a marketing position in Houston which meant a big pay raise and moving away from Cooper.

“‘You can’t do that! I want you to come on the road with me,’” was Cooper’s response.

“So that was a big decision for me. But ultimately we made it together and I’m glad that I did because who knows if we would have made it if I’d accepted that job and we’d lived two hours away from each other.”

But with spunk and drive to spare, Kaitlyn wasn’t happy just sitting in the bleachers. So she put her marketing knowledge and experience to work.

That was the beginning of Kaitlyn’s company, Reign Lashes.

“I love beauty, I love fashion, I love makeup, and so I decided to start designing some eyelashes for my company. I rst designed a pair to wear for my wedding. And then I loved it so much, I thought, ‘I’m going to turn this into a livelihood.’ And I did. I started in September 2016, and now we’re in 150 stores in the United States,” Kaitlyn said. “I don’t have any employees, it’s just me and Cooper. I do everything on my own. I do all of the marketing, I do all of the designing, all the packaging. I really need to hire an employee, but it’s hard to let go of any kind of control.”

But running a company isn’t the only challenge Kaitlyn faces. The young couple also has a 2-year-old soon named Mack. And earlier this year, they faced the type of scare all parents dread.

Mack is a spirited child and prone to tantrums. He would get so overworked, he’d faint. One day, when the couple was away on a Valentine’s Day getaway they received a call from Kaitlyn’s father informing them Mack was acting lethargic. They immediately ew home. But when they got to him, Mack was completely ne. They chocked it up to another tantrum and decided to head over to THE AMERICAN rodeo in Arlington, TX.

“He started acting super lethargic. As a mom you know when something is wrong with your son. If something’s o I can tell, and he wasn’t acting himself,” Kaitlyn said. “I woke Cooper up early and said, ‘we’re going to the hospital.’ So we show up to the Emergency Room at Dallas Children’s Medical Center. They took one look at him and they said he looked super gray and transparent. So they decided to rush him back.”

They ran a blood test on Mack. A regular person’s hemoglobin is around 12 to 14. Mack was at 2.6 and dropping. Although still undiagnosed, the word “Leukemia” was uttered by every doctor they saw.

Doctors weren’t sure if it was cancer or a disease called T-E-C. The long word for it is Transient Erythroblastopenia of Childhood. “When they said that to me, my rst thought was, is he going to live?”

But it is actually the best scenario. Although it is more rare than cancer, it’s easily treatable.

Unfortunately, they still don’t have a concrete answer.

“It’s hard to look at your child when they’ve told you they really don’t know what’s wrong with him and they just think it’s this long word. There’s no way to know for sure. So it really bothers Cooper and I. I mean obviously every day we worry about him, and we always wonder is he going to relapse? Could it happen again? Could it be cancer because they really weren’t sure?”

Kaitlyn wanted to take their experience and in light of not knowing, turn it into something positive.


“I designed the lashes to be super natural, I wanted them to be something that someone going through chemo who lost their eyelashes would want to wear on an everyday basis. If one pair is purchased, we donate a pair. So if you were to go on my site and purchase three pairs, we would donate three pairs,” Kaitlyn said.

In a short time, Kaityln’s operation has become large scale. “I wasn’t expecting to grow so rapidly, but with the broad social media spectrum that Cooper and I both have, it just grew overnight. People call them the Rodeo Lashes. I’m a wholesale only company when it comes to my lashes. So, I sell them to all these mom and pop boutiques, and they sell them. They mark it up and they make their profit.”

Kaitlyn is a self-proclaimed style diva. Her specially- designed closet holds everything from Celine bags to Christian Louboutins heels to Valentinos.

“I’m still young, so I like to incorporate things that are trendy, but I like to add touches of a western air. I love rhinestones and sparkle, and still having my diva personality designer things,” she said.

Although her husband won $1 million riding bulls, she is determined to make her own way and her own money.

“This point drove me more than anything, I’m going to take this and I’m going to contribute to my family. I’m not going to be what people expect me to be, which would be stop working. Not reaching higher goals or set any kind of goals for myself,” Kaitlyn said. “I’m not just going to be a trophy wife, I want to be a wife that makes her own choices too, while my husband does the same thing. And that was the goal from the start.”