Jesika Garrett Floyd gives us her take on the maiden voyage to Vegas!!!

RF: What is it like for you to experience your husband’s first NFR qualification?
And will you be in Vegas all 10 days with him?
Jesika Garrett Floyd: It is so surreal to finally watch him fulfill and live out his childhood dream. We are high school sweethearts and he talked about it in the very first conversation we ever had, so to finally be here 11 years later, gets me pretty emotional at times. After 11 years, I will undoubtedly not miss a single day of this dream come true.

RF: What is your favorite part about the rodeo road life for you personally?
JGF: My favorite part about rodeo are the friends you meet along the way!

RF: What is the one thing in your purse you never leave home without?
JGF: I never have left home without my work planner and cell phone. I don’t usually carry a purse, so the clear bag is fitting for me😉ha

RF: How do you guys spend down time away from the rodeo arena after a season is all said and done?
JGF: I was never with him much during the year as I stay home at the assisted living facility most of the time, but when Chason got home he went the next day right back to fixing things on the building that had been held up and getting ready for fall vaccinations and shipping cattle in the ranch.

RF: What is your favorite family Christmas tradition and why?
JGF: Christmas lights!!! I love lights and all kinds of lights! I absolutely love decorating with family, more laughs and frustrations are expressed while messing with strings of lights! Part of the reason why I love Vegas there are so many lights to stare at!!