Traveling is part of life. Some people travel for special occasions such as vacations or yearly visits with family, some travel fairly regularly for work, and then there are people like my husband and I, who travel for a living- about 65,000 miles a year is what we drive. Our official home is in Ohio, where we have a lovely four bedroom farmhouse, out in the county, which we have nicknamed the “biggest mailbox on the planet’, because for more of the year, the only purpose it serves is where we collect our mail.  Having never traveled much personally, I remember being so excited to leave my corporate job to take RL on the road and travel with my best friend- eating out, staying in hotels, and seeing all of the beauty the US has to offer.  All of RL fit in a FatMax toolbox, a type of rolling suitcase if you will that is appropriate for construction sites.  Now, my ‘empire’ fits into a 3 horse slant with a 12 foot short wall.  I’ve learned that ‘home’ is what you make it; that you find out REAL QUICK how much you love someone when you spend hours with them in a truck cab (luckily, my husband and I are the best of friends, so we dodged that bullet!), that no matter how many lists to make of things to remember to pack you WILL forget something and have to stop at Walmart, and that a good dog and a good coffee pot can make any parking lot feel like a cul de sac.  The most common reaction to ‘we are on the road for weeks at a time’ is “Oh my gosh I would love to travel like that! It must be SO nice!” You know what else is nice? Your own washing machine. Not having to Google the satellite view of a Texas Roadhouse to see if you can swing your trailer in or not. Knowing that the lights will stay on even if your generator runs out of fuel. Knowing that Tuesday is grocery day.  Routine in general.  Everyone wants what they cant have, but life is truly what your make of it.  Love what you have, because someone somewhere is yearning for it.