Rhinestone Lipgloss is a western brand, thats easy to see.  But unlike most western brands, you can find us in many different arenas- from Fit Models and Blushing Brides, to walking across the Miss America stage, we have been there.
I think one of the worst things a brand can do it lock itself into one specific market.  Keep in mind, I think that a company should find what it does best and master the craft to be the best there is, but also develop a product that can be marketed to multiple demographics.  Lord knows fashion goes in trends, and RL is at the mercy of them, so when the ‘bling’ ship runs ashore, whats next? Bankruptcy if the western world is your only market.  We have made it a point to create earrings that women all over the world, from high fashion to office personnel- can wear for a timeless look.   I think thats important to do with any product, or skill for that matter. Always look to see how else it can be applied- you are investing
money, but more importantly time, into something, so you need to be sure its a flexible as possible.