I truly believe that you can make a living off of whatever sets your soul on fire. For me, its making things shiny with the best, most high quality stones in the entire world. Here’s the secret- you can’t just like it.  You have to LIVE it. Every single waking moment of every single day there is something in my head about one aspect or another of RL. I still ride, I’m a wife, a daughter, and a friend, but mostly, I’m an entrepreneur. RL is constantly changing. I don’t always know what the change is, but I’ve learned to listen to my clients and follow their lead. If I had made RL into what I wanted/thought it was going to be, I would still be working the same 9-5, setting up a little booth at horse shows and rodeos, making a little bit of extra money. But, because you (my clients) made it clear what you wanted from us, I have been able to mold this into a VERY successful company. 
That being said, balance is key. You CANNOT pour from an empty cup, and you have to be mindful of when your cup is running low.  Whether its a pedicure, a trail ride, or just a long drive, PLEASE remember to recharge your soul- the worst thing would be to crash and burn after coming so far for your dream- so remember to balance the boots with the heels. 
Boots: Rod Patrick Bootmakers
Heels: Candies 
Photo: Sierra Clausen Editorials