Publish or Perish. Thats a pretty common tagline in the scientific research industry. I think the same could be said for businesses run on social media, as well as real life.
There are HUNDREDS of brands who make a living publishing to Social Media, including this one; but HOW they do it is sometimes even more intriguing. Some brands are notorious for posting sales, promo codes, and discounts, others, like mine, are on the opposite end of that marketing plan- we NEVER have a sale. Our reason for that is simple- we have women of all walks of life buy our jewelry; some of these ladies save up for WEEKS to afford a piece of my work, and the moment I offer the same style at 25% off, I have just robbed them of their hard work, and I refuse to do that.  I think, however that its very important to post about things other than what you’re trying to sell.  None of the single earrings you see in videos on RL are actively for sale; there are no prices, and no requests for our customers to message us to buy them.  This is quite opposite of most businesses, they post their product to sell- after all, thats why they are in business- to sell their product.  Companies like Rodeo Fame do an incredible job of promoting everyone EXCEPT themselves, which is brilliant because their selfless marketing of others says more about their brand than they personally ever could.
Patch branding seems to follow the same variations.  Some companies send out two shirt patches with every order.  This is a great way to flood the market with their brand, however at RL we do things differently. We do NOT just pass our patches out, our ladies earn the right to wear them by referring clients to us.  You don’t see our patch often, but when you do, its more noticeable because its unique, rare, and you know that when you do see someone with our logo, that they have worked hard to earn it, not just made a purchase- and the fascinating thing is that BOTH publication styles of branding work.
We have begun to do more and more social media consultation for small businesses, and it fascinates me at the different techniques that are used by both businesses and those developing personal brands, but the tagline is still true, Publish or Perish.