This happened…Rear tire decided to check out while I was going about 75mph on the highway, and luckily I was able to pull onto the should and call AAA for a tow to a tire place to get it fixed.  For some crazy reason I wasn’t even angry- I felt an odd wave of gratuity, and then relief- gratuity that it wasn’t a front tire and I didn’t wreck, but also so very grateful for the thousands of women who have CHOSEN to do business with my company- there was a time, not to long ago, that a grateful heart and relief that ‘it wasn’t worse’ would have been replace with panic and anger that I didn’t manage to wreck my truck, because I didn’t have an extra $200 for a new tire and I would need the insurance claim money from the wreck to afford to fix what was left of my truck.  This happened on the way to an important meeting with a client, which of course got pushed back about two hours- this was an incredibly happy accident, because due to the time change, I was able to make some INCREDIBLE new connections that will mean even bigger things for my company.  Its quite odd to be writing about how a blown tire was such a positive experience, but it certainly serves a reminder that everything happens for a reason.

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