All of us have goals.  Some of them are made with pure, good hearted intentions, and the inspiration for them comes in appropriate places- seeing a homeless person on the street and wanting to do more to help with hunger issues; scrolling across a photo of a child with cancer and wanting to do something to help raise research money.  Other goals are more personal, more selfish (please note this is not in reference to a ‘negative’ selfish, just an intimate selfish); inspiration for these can come from many places.  Wanting to figure out a way to make enough money get the new pair of Rod Patrick boots, finding a way to finance a closet full of Double D Ranchwear clothes because you saw their fall lineup… or for me, being on a flight to San Jose and racking my brain on how to afford a NetJets account because I’m trapped in the middle seat of an airplane that seems to be full of screeching children who have clearly had too much sugar- and its only 730am.  
Does this make me a bad person? Maybe.  Do I care? Not at all.  What is amazing about this country we live in is the opportunity to create whatever life we want- whether its one of getting up at 4am to get to the desert and push cows, or getting up at 4am to get to the gym before the office.  Inspiration comes from SO many things in life, its astounding.  Seeing guys like Tuff tie a calf in less time than it takes me to pour my morning coffee might be just what a high school rodeo kid replays in his head before each run- is it selfish to want to be the best at something? I don’t believe so.  Is it selfish to want to be in a certain tax bracket? I don’t think that is either.  We all have the same ability (not to be confused with resources) to make our goals reality, and that ability is being able to work our hardest.  As I sip my beverage of choice this morning (which I am refusing to disclose, as its what is allowing me to tolerate the 3 hours I have left from Chicago to San Jose California) I cannot wait to land and throw myself even deeper into building the most amazing earring empire the world has seen- new designs, new markets, continuing to plan out our best NFR yet- in a twisted way I am grateful for the ‘inspirations’ sitting around me… and a bit jealous of their parents ability to tune it out. 
Amazon, I’ma need a pair of Beats delivered to my hotel for the return flight..