Words I never thought I would need to know, but apply so aptly to my life.  Changes? Like you never imagined.  I feel like this is something that people dont normally talk about- sure the obvious changes- finances, materialistic upgrades- but what about the emotional ones? What happens when you come home, and people are different? People that you have known since grade school are distant.  People you have never spoken to in your life are now clamoring to hang out, which sounds super until you get there and they want a ‘donation’. Talk about feeling used.  Life gets a little lonely, your circle shrinks but the quality improves.  Being vocally grateful about your own accomplishments (that you have worked SO hard for) sounds like you’re bragging, even though you’re not. Your life will suddenly be under a microscope.  Oh, you don’t like beer? You must be too good for it then.  SO many things become a trap.  About two years ago I was sitting with Fallon Taylor at her ranch in Collinsville having this exact conversation, and I told myself that things like this would never happen to me.  I. Was. Wrong.  But I can tell you that I wouldn’t change a thing about it- the people I have met, the adventures I have been on, the HOURS of work I have put into my lifestyle to create it- all worth it.  And the people who are still there at the end of the day, who treat me as they have for the last 20 years, make me realize that I haven’t changed- other people have.  Their perception of my ‘success’ has altered their view of me, and others who have strayed from the normal 9-5 lifestyle, and it says more about them than it does those of us who make our own path in life. 
Your new life is going to cost you your old one, just be sure you’re ready.  It’s worth it, I promise.