Cliche, I know. But so very true.
I think sometimes as brands and business owners, we get distracted.  We are exposed to so many new avenues through our product that we develop ‘shiny object syndrome’ and get a little off track- for us it was expanding into the Miss America (not RODEO, but the actual Miss America) world.  Does our product fit there? Absolutely. But its important to ask if thats where we need to be.  Cowgirls made us. Barrel racers made us. Rodeo Queens, girls who get dirty, girls who are tough as nails, made us.  As I type this I am sitting in ‘Mustang Maddy’, Madison Shambaughs kitchen, watching her feed her herd of mustangs.  Can she train any equine? Absolutely. But mustangs made her, therein lies her focus.  We were at dinner tonight discussing our business and we chatted a lot about being ‘distracted’. Its not always a bad thing- I think it promotes growth.  She agrees, hence the two zebras in her herd. We talked about refocusing on our niche, glam, tough jewelry for glam, tough cowgirls. But I’ve come to realize that even though we do business in a multitude of arenas, that the rodeo one will always be our favorite.  Your people, your lifestyle, your tribe- not only are they necessary for your success, they are necessary for your mental health, which is just as important.