Hats are currently on a rise in both high fashion and western fashion industries and prove to be a great accessory year-round. Straw in the spring and summer months are wonderful for blocking sun and keeping your hair held down from the wind. You know what I mean, ladies. Felts can be worn year-round, and you have the ability to have bold colors to mix and match with outfits and to hide bad hair days; mine frequent that use.

In 1865 John B. Stetson made the first felt hat from rabbit, beaver, and other small animals that could withstand the weather. This allowed your head to stay warm and your face to be protected from the sun. They have often been looked at as a way to identify where you’re from and what you do based on brim lengths and creases. Seeing a gentleman walking down the street with a large brim, a wide front, and pinched in the back you know he’s a ranch man, or at the rodeo you see a wide brim and a tall, un-creased crown, you know he’s there for the bull riding. From the fashion to western industries— hats will always be around. Although they have had their rises and falls in the fashion world as all styles do. Hats were popular for women from 1900-1920 and then took a 60-year hiatus until Princess Diana brought the trend back in 1982 where they became seen as a sign of sophistication.

With fashionable hats on the rise, I am extremely excited to share my favorites from my personal collection. The ability to go to a hat maker and customize a hat to represent your personality and pair with your outfits is becoming incredibly popular, and it gives you the opportunity to create something unique to yourself.

This black hat is a true fedora style with a custom velvet ribbon hatband. This is perfect to wear year-round and can be styled with many looks from a casual daytime look to a night on the town. If you’ve got an old black hat sitting in the closet, you can take it to most western stores and have the brim cut down to a 3” and ask for a fedora crease to achieve this look. I love a pencil rolled look, so I added that to the back of brim for a more dramatic look. A pencil roll is simply a slight curled edge on the brim to add a little dimension to the overall look.

 I added this straw hat to my collection and made it extra dramatic with the crease. The thing about creasing a hat is that it’s personal to you; you have to love the finished result. I wanted a horizontally tilted crown for a spunky look and to match the tilt of the crown, three quarters of the brim has been pencil rolled to give it a 50’s style look.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of the norm and experiment with wearing different hat creases and colors. You never know what you might fall in love with.


Rodeo Vogue


Janzen & Katy Jade
Denim & Velvet Marketing + Design
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