They say if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.  Three years ago, when RL started, I thought the goal of having a booth at the Cowboy Christmas would be something to look at in ten years; perhaps 7 if we were lucky.  In early October, we received word that RL had been accepted into the trade show, and panic ensued.  We essentially have about 30 days (we spent the month of October at the All American Quarter Horse Congress) to build 1,200 pairs of earrings, including custom ones for our ladies competing at the Miss Rodeo America pageant.  Toss Thanksgiving in there, and we are really in for a good time.  Needles to say, this ‘dream’ coming true has been absolutely terrifying, but the amazing things I am learning both about myself and my company make it worth it. I wrote last month about learning how to refill my cup, as you can’t pour from an empty one, and this month has put me to the test.  I am typing this blog sitting at gate C47 in the Denver International Airport, on my way to Wells, NV to meet with clients.  One of the hardest things is being away from the production side of my business, but its important that I get the plans and goals we have for 2018 out of my head and onto paper; for my own sanity.  Im also going to have to take a day off to enjoy thanksgiving with my family, which will be lovely, but again testing my ability to focus on myself and family for a little bit.  I’m also becoming an expert at time management, because I am out of it.  A goal that has absolutely terrified me by coming true has also been one of the best crash courses in hustle a girl could ask for. The moral of this story is, don’t be afraid to dream big, but be ready to get your learn on when it happens <3