By Brie Leonard

Most rodeo athletes don’t travel with personal chef’s and health coaches. It is up to them to avoid temptation and feed their bodies in such a way that will allow them to compete at the top of their games. Which begs the question, in a sea of greasy fast-food cheeseburgers and truck stop road snacks, just how do rodeo athletes manage to healthfully fuel their bodies on the go?

I was fortunate enough to sit down and chat with TV Host, Model, and PRCA Barrel Racer, Carly Twisselman, and Cheyenne Frontier Days’ 2018 Steer Wrestling Champion, Levi Rudd, to ask them some questions about what they do to nourish their bodies on the road. 

Q: What is your FAVORITE place on the road to shop for food?

A: HEB – which unfortunately is only mainly found in Texas. They are more of a “Meal Prep” and “Grab-N-Go” type grocery store. When HEB is not around, we enjoy a place with a good deli and fresh produce.

Q: Why do you choose to eat healthy while on the Road?Levi Rudd Cooking Dinner

A: Eating healthy on the road is usually better for you, and tastes better than anything you can get from a fast food place or restaurant. We are able to control what we are consuming and we are able to know what goes into our food by preparing it ourselves. What we spend eating out for just ONE meal, we can get enough groceries to last us at least a week, which comes out to be cheaper.

Levi also LOVES to cook, he loves being creative with different food and enjoys serving for a big group of people! It is easier and can be more efficient to cook for a group of 10+ people rather than just 2. The feedback Levi gets, he loves and enjoys giving his buddies a home cooked type meal every so often.

”We are all out here on the road together, might as well work together! After all, it feels like one big rodeo family” – Carly Twisselman

Q: Would you say it is easier to go out and eat, or cook at the trailer? Why?

A: Being on the road, it’s hard. We are always in a time crunch to get somewhere and eating out seems to be easier because it’s a “no-brainer” but honestly, we think cooking in the trailer can be that way as well. Sometimes we are at a rodeo for a few days and don’t want to unhook to go get food or maybe we literally can’t unhook from the trailer because we are blocked in by other contestants so being able to cook at the trailer is extremely convenient. A lot of times these different towns we travel to are so small they may not have much of a selection of places to eat so it’s great to just be able to plan on eating at the trailer.

Q: What has been your FAVORITE meal you have prepared on the road?

A: Salmon and Shrimp
Tri-Tip dinner
Steak tacos (Street Tacos)

Q: What are your “Go-To” snacks that you eat while driving down the road?

A: Veggie Packs (You can find at any grocery store, or Walmart) (Broccoli and Ranch are a favorite of mine))
FRUIT (Blueberries, Strawberries, Pineapple, Apples w/Peanut Butter, and Blackberries)
Jerky Sticks

*** We enjoy these because we can jump out at a gas station while getting fuel, and get any of the snacks listed above… prepared in a matter of minutes in the trailer.

Carly Twisselman's Living QuartersQ: With traveling in an LQ (Living Quarters) trailer, cooking space can be relatively tight. How do you manage your small space?

A: We tend to grill a lot and eat outside. We definitely utilize the stove, microwave, and fridge in the trailer but we also set up a table and chairs outside for grilling and dining. We tend to stay at friends’ places a lot when it is convenient so we have access to full-sized kitchens in those places.

 ALL Photo Credit: Carly Twisselman