The cowboy hat can be worn anywhere in the world and receive immediate recognition. A cowboy’s hat is quite possibly the most defining staple of the cowboys’ rugged image.

A cowboy hat is much more than protection from the sun, rain and other outdoor elements. The characteristics of the cowboy hat such as shape, material, wear, cleanliness, and color provide an indication of the type of man (or woman) beneath the brim.

After years of training horses, Jeff Biggars, transitioned into the western wear business. His starting wage was just $4.75 per hour. He learned the ropes and worked his way up to management and upper management positions for various companies. In the past few years, he has designed some of the most popular straw hats for Resistol and American Hat Company.

In 2013, Jeff and his father-in-law, Mike Garland opened Biggar Hat Store. They sell many western wear items such as jewelry, shirts, sandals and boots. They carry various brands of straw and felt hats as well as a collection of other handmade brands. But the most fascinating thing about Biggar Hat Store, is that customers can meet with Jeff – their very own “mad hatter” – to get that custom made felt hat right in the store. They can also take a tour and watch how the custom hats are made.

Even though the average hat-wearer may not realize it, their hat tells a story about them. So, when buying a hat, it’s important they know the story they wish to tell based on their personality and aspirations. Jeff Biggars at Biggar Hat Store will design the type of hat that speaks volumes before the wearer utters a single word. Jeff has shaped thousands of hats and attributes experience to his success, “I believe that working on both sides of the hat world has allowed me to see and learn much more than the average hatter.”

There is an old cowboy saying that goes something like, “it’s the last thing you take off and the first thing that is noticed.” Biggar Hat Store understands the importance of the cowboy hat. And they are committed to providing the ultimate hat shopping experience.

You can check out Biggar Hat Store by visiting their website at

Biggar Hat Store is located in Decatur, Texas.
Stop in for a visit or give Je a call at (940)-627-HATS.

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