I love when my friends and followers message me with makeup questions because I truly enjoy sharing my love for makeup. The most common two questions I get are “What kind of makeup do you use?” And “How do you get your foundation and concealer to look so airbrushed?”
My personal trick to getting a smooth full coverage look is using a blending sponge. No it’s not some hidden trick and yes blending sponges have been around for a little while now. We have all heard of them, seen them or maybe even tried them, but you would be surprised how many ladies I have visited with that either don’t know about them, don’t really know how to use them or are to afraid to give it a try. After using the a blending sponge I will never go back to using a brush. It’s easy, quick and works like a dream. I have found that it doesn’t really matter what brand of foundation and concealer you use; it’s the technique that gives you the smooth appearance.
If you haven’t ever used a blending sponge or if you tried it and it didn’t work for you then the trick is to get the
sponge wet, give it a good squeeze to where the sponge feels damp. Use a dabbing motion all over your face with your foundation and then repeat using your concealer. The result will give you that smooth airbrushed look. Dragging the sponge across your skin with your foundation or concealer will leave defined streaks.
Now days there are so many different types of blending sponges. The Beauty Blender brand is one of the best on the market and they cost around $20.00, but I enjoy trying out all types of brands and I found that Ulta’s
sponge called the Super Blender works just as good and it’s only $5.00. I hope this little tip helps you accomplish your airbrushed look with out the airbrush!!!
Cassidy Bach


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