IMG_6631ARLINGTON, TEXAS; February 28, 2016 – All eyes were on saddle bronc rider, Wade Sundell, to take home the Triple Crown at RFD-TV’s The American Sunday night and the fan favorite didn’t disappoint. While his 90.75 point ride in the final round, ahead of Jake Wright with an 87.75 point ride, earned him the title and $100,000, the added $1 million wasn’t in the bag until Lisa Lockhart and Louie ran in the barrel racing; the other competitor all eyes were on.

Also riding for the Triple Crown, Lockhart won the first round at AT&T Stadium, however, narrowly missed out as Brunswick, GA cowgirl Sarah McDonald ran a 14.470 second time ahead on Lockhart with 16.648 seconds. It was in that moment Sundell sealed his fate as the only Triple Crown winner and $1.1 million richer.

“I think maybe I was born for this place,” laughed Sundell. “When there is this much up for grabs every time I nod my head I let it all hang out. There is no back up in this sport. This format of going against four guys in the final round is something I drive and thrive on. I’m lost for words because I don’t know what to say right now.”

12795426_1046359965423738_5943456302124340400_nDerick BeGay and Clay O’Brien Cooper set the arena on fire in the team roping with a 4.56 second run after Key/Kelly set the bar at 4.94 seconds. “The event is something that we’re starting to look forward to each year,” said O’Brien Cooper. “Regarding our run today, you know it starts with the header and setting up a good run and turning them fast. This type of set up is one of Derrick strengths and I knew coming into this I had one of the best headers and he didn’t disappoint.”

The third annual RFD TV’s The American once again brought the best of the best together with incredible athletes who qualified throughout the year in rodeos biggest arena. “This event speaks for itself,” said RFD TV’s The American All-Around Champion Trevor Brazile. “Every year they add something better and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner next.”


Following are official results from RFD-TV’s The American, presented by Polaris RANGER.

Bareback Riding: Final Round: Tanner Aus, 88.50 points; Kaycee Field, 88.25 points; Tim O’Connell, 87.25 points; RC Landingham, 87.00 points.

Barrel Racing: Final Round: Sarah Rose McDonald, 14.470 seconds; Lisa Lockhart, 14.648 seconds; Jackie Ganter, 14.851; Callie duPerier, 19.312 seconds.

Saddle Bronc Riding: Final Round: Wade Sundell, 90.75 points; Jake Wright, 87.75 points; Cort Scheer, 87.00 points; Jacobs Crawley, 85.00 points.

Steer Wrestling: Final Round: Ty Erickson, 4.80 seconds; Cody Cassidy, 7.75 seconds; Dakota Eldridge, 7.95 seconds; Casey Martin, 13.72 seconds.

Team Roping: Final Round: BeGay/O’Brien Cooper, 4.56 seconds; Key/Kelly, 4.94 seconds; Vick/Kirchenschlager, No Time; Brazile/Smith, No Time.

Tie-Down Roping: Final Round:  Hunter Herrin, 6.77 seconds; Tyson Durfey, 6.86 seconds; Cory Solomon, 7.47 seconds; Justin Maass, 8.8 seconds.

Bull Riding: Final Round: Joao Ricardo Vieira, 81.75 points; Stetson Lawrence, NO SCORE; Fabiano Vieira, NO SCORE; Kaique Pacheco, NO SCORE.

Bull Fighting: Final Round: Nate Jestes, 85.00 points; Ross Hill, 83.50 points; Evan Allard, 83.50 points; Cody Webster, 83.50 points; Kyle Lippincott, 82.00 points.


Written by Katie Bartlett

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