Bull Rider and Purple Heart Recipient
PBR Decatur Honored Veteran with W.A.R.

13441550_10209872136628943_725017505_oRF: Please give us a little background on yourself, where you were born, raised, and why the marines.
Chris: My name is Chris Skeeters. I graduated from Tullahoma High School in Tennessee in 2007. I wanted to join the Marines because they were considered the toughest military branch in my eyes, and I wanted a challenge. I left for boot camp in Parris Island, SC three days after I graduated high school.

RF: In a nutshell what happened that day if you feel ok to share about it, that lead down the path of you being a recipient of the purple heart?
Chris: On the particular day I received my Purple Heart it had been a long day. We were on a convoy headed back to base and I was in the vehicle that hit an IED (improvised Explosive Device). Everything after that is kind of a blur until I really came to in the hospital, but I know that without my buddies around me it could have been far worse. I lost my gunner that day. Cpl. Christopher Monahan was an amazing man. He was a father, a brother, a husband, and a son and we all tried to save him, but he paid the ultimate sacrifice doing what he loved. He wouldn’t have wanted anybody else to be in his position. He was a leader who always wanted to be in the front.

RF: Your rank that you achieved when you were honorably discharged in October 2014?
Chris: After almost 8 years in the Marines I resigned as a Sergeant.

RF: When stationed in the Middle East what was your favorite piece/type of mail to receive?
Chris: When deployed it didn’t matter where I was, the best thing to receive was anything from home. My favorite thing I ever received was on my last deployment to Afghanistan. Anything that was from my daughter who turned 1 the day after I left for deployment was my favorite.

RF: Why bulling riding, why not roping or bull dogging?
Chris: I picked bull riding because a buddy asked me to go to a practice pen one night. I wound up getting on a couple and it kinda stuck after that.

RF: What is your ultimate goal to achieve with your bull riding career?
Chris: Well I definitely ain’t no young gun anymore. Juggling bull riding and military service takes a lot of time out of my bull riding career, but I would still like to qualify for the NFR.

RF: Your family: how they support you through each day as you move forward being an ambassador for rodeo and for bull riding.
Chris: Family has always been a big part of my life and they are very supportive in every decision I make in life. They are always there to help when things get hard and don’t go right.

RF: Favorite kind of bull to ride: do you prefer the power or the finesse?
Chris: My favorite bull to get on would be any of them. I just enjoy getting on bulls it doesn’t matter as long as they are bucking.

RF: Favorite restaurant on the road?
Chris: One that is open lol. I usually don’t eat much except fast food when I on the road because it usually is all I have time for.

RF: Type of rope you ride with and why?
Chris: I ride with a custom rope I got through RodeoMart. It’s a poly braided American Style rope with a nice stiff handle.

RF: Final question: Life motto that you live by?
Chris: I live by two quotes.
Never quit, because in life nothing is easy and if you quit you won’t get where your destined to be.
Don’t try and please anyone but yourself, because other opinions shouldn’t matter to you only your own.

Finally, Chris is part of an organization called Warriors and Rodeo (WAR), which was started by Navy Veteran Sheri Smith. They are an organization consisting of Active Duty soldiers, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Paramedics, and Fire Fighters who love the sport of Rodeo. They as an organization are not only here to help when members need gear for inside the arena, but also when someone needs something in life. For example, maybe someone to talk to, or maybe a place to stay. This great organization and its members can be found all over social media and at their website www.warriorsandrodeo.org!

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