That’s WNFR Rookie Stevi Hillman’s game plan.

Stevi Hillman on Martini Photo by Jackie Jensen.

Stevi Hillman on Martini
Photo by Jackie Jensen.

She’s in Las Vegas on the horses who earned her golden ticket; the 5-year-old Frenchman’s Guy mare she calls Martini and the 9-year-old Dash Ta Fame gelding, Cuatro. Does she have first timer nerves? Not even a little.

“I might have been a little too relaxed and comfortable on opening night, I’m just so thankful to be here,” Stevi said. When she dropped Martini to start their first gold seeking run at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, it was that glittering moment when dreams come true.

“I’ve trained a couple of horses who’ve made the WNFR for other contestants,” Stevi said. “I’ve always really wanted run down that alley myself.

She made herself a promise in the summer of 2015, to rodeo hard from the coming October 1st to the next October 1st then see if the chips fell anywhere near Las Vegas.

“I had a horrible Winter. By the end of March, I still hadn’t won a check and was beginning to doubt myself and feel disappointment,” she said.

That’s when her husband, Ty really turned up that special magic he uses in his life coaching business, Prepare To Win.TV.

“I’m partial to Ty, it’s true, but he has a God given gift to motivate and inspire people by finding the one missing thing that’s blocking their success and helping them conquer that to get to the next level,” she said.

“He kept me on point by asking me to define my success daily. ‘What will it take for you to be successful today, Stevi?’ he’d ask. For me, that started with simply leaving the arena with all of the barrels standing.”

By April’s California run, success meant checks. Lots of them. The West Coast was good to her. She nailed the win at Pendleton Roundup, one of the regular season’s most challenging courses for barrel racers and went on to win the trophy saddle offered as incentive for all contestants by the Big Four Rodeos of the Pacific Northwest’s fall run.

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