If your looking for the hottest purse on the western market the company Leather and Vodka is on fire and making one of a kind purses that make a true statement. I personally have been in love with the artistic uniqueness of these purses and I had the opportunity to ask the owner and founder of Leather and Vodka, Kay Layne Kropik a few questions about how her hobby turned into a fast growing business.

What inspired you to start revamping Louis Vuitton purses?

image2What really lit my fire with the Louis Vuitton’s was when I bought my first Louis Vuitton purse. I saved my money for months, went into the Louis Vuitton store purchased my bag and walked around like I was hot stuff … for about a week. I then realized, I worked so hard and spent SO much money on a bag that everyone already had. To put it frank, It really made me mad, I didn’t even want to carry it. There was nothing special about it. So one night, after maybe a few drinks, I got online and found an old busted up Louis Vuitton to purchase. When it came in the mail, it was hideous. Growing up with Louis Vuitton hand me downs, and a grandmother who worked for Louis Vuitton, I knew it was old and ugly, but it was certainly authentic. It was actually so old that it was made by The French Company. After building up some liquid courage (vodka) I started punching holes in that sucker. I actually messed up terribly and cried that night, I’m sure it had nothing to do with the liquor. The next night I pulled myself together, fixed my mistakes and made something that I thought, was pretty amazing. I wore that sucker around with so much pride. About a month later, Leigh Hajovsky contacted me, basically kindly demanding me to sell her the bag! Her and I hit it off immediately and I sold her the bag for fifty dollars more than it cost to build it. It was all over from there. Leigh put the bag on instagram and Facebook and that is all it took. My hobby grew into a business with lots of demand overnight. Thanks Leigh! lol!

Do you see yourself revamping any other designer bags in the near future?

image3I don’t see us working on other designer bags, although this year we will have some pretty amazing bags come out. They will be one of a kind bags, that will be timeless statement pieces. When someone purchases a bag from me, its not a purse, its a piece of art. That was handmade with care and emotion. I get weirdly attached to the bags. We work very hard on them and they are something we cherish! Its very important that each person has their OWN unique and one of a kind bag.

What other products do you all make?

We have some HUGE products coming this year. Currently we are making custom purses, bracelets and belts. This year we will be venturing into the custom boot making industry as well as functional and fashionable jackets.

Article by Cassidy Bach




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