Chad Nicholson – I’ve got to take my hat off to Kissimmee, Florida and the PRCA for their efforts and doing this. It’s tough to announce empty seats but it’s the first year and you’ve got spring break on top of it. It always takes a few years to really sink in and until everyone really starts talking about “the rodeo.” I say check back with them in three or four years and I can guarantee they’ll have a crowd there.

Katie Bartlett – The buzz around the event this year was great overall with not a lot of negative talk. Following on social media they really went above and beyond in taking care of the athletes. We saw a lot of photos of the athletes with some of their idols in mainstream sports, at different theme parks etc. Things like that will make it a MUST go to event for years to come for athletes.

Jay Morrow – It always takes a couple of years but the committee is excited and that’s the number one key; always being excited.  It was great to see Steven Peebles, who had an injury that should have put him out six or seven months, come back in only three or four months and win it. It just goes to show how in shape he is and the fitness regimen these athletes go through to stay sound.


Chad Nicholson – It’s one of the risks of the job. It’s a tragedy what happened. All we can do it pray it doesn’t happen. The Wright Brothers article written by the New York Times did a fantastic job following the brothers around and really getting into the traveling side of their life. I don’t applaud the New York Times very often but they did a great job.

Katie Bartlett – A lot of the time it seems people who haven’t ever driven pulling a trailer don’t understand the dangers of others pulling out in front of them. For rough stock guys it’s a little easier to jump on a plane, whereas the time event athletes have to drive and I don’t think everyone understands just how many hours everyone puts in on the road.

Jay Morrow – We travel so much by truck or plane and it’s nothing to put on 40,000 miles each year and you still have the same chance of getting in a wreck on the road. Donny Gay and Larry Mahan made it famous flying and it’s unfortunately a risk we take. More recently bull rider, John Quintana unfortunately died in a plane wreck and this was something that he did a lot. It’s just a risk we all take whether it be by land or air.


Chad Nicholson – I don’t know a whole lot about the Calgary Stampede’s finances but you’ve got 40,000 people out there watching, it’s one of the largest outdoor rodeos (if not the largest) I don’t think it would hurt it too much.

Katie Bartlett – I’d imagine a lot of the finances goes towards the grounds and upkeep as well; it always seems to be raining. Only a few years ago we saw it flood right before the event and that would have cost a lot to clean up before opening day. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that a lot of people don’t know about.

Jay Morrow – I don’t know how that might affect the prize money but that’s an invitational event and it pays $100,000 to the winner. Even if they drop it to $50,000 a winner like Houston it’s still a great event and puts money in their pockets ready for 4th of July; it’s still an event you don’t want to miss.


“Typically when I work with announcers, who cross over as auctioneers, or people who don’t typically have a lot of cadence to their voice (monotone) I came up with a set of scales to help with tempo, and cadence. Similar to Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do but we count to 10 which works on what you need to be a better announcer.”

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