Hillary Tryan lives the rodeo famous lifestyle on a daily basis. Long live RODEO!

Getting ready to hit the road!

Hi everyone! Spring has definitely sprung in Texas and for us that means heading to the California rodeos with a quick stop in Nevada.

There are a few things I do before heading out-
1. Deworm and vaccinate
2. Health certificates. We had to get one for each state we’re going to.
3. I bleach our buckets and trailer mangers. A good idea is to keep some bleach in your trailer too, never know when you’ll run into strangles or some other nasty bug.
4. Make sure my emergency kit is stocked with cast padding, vet wrap, a digital thermometer, spray/ointment for cuts, poultice and wraps.
5. Plan a route. On really long trips it’s good to know where to stop.

Some fairgrounds are open, some are not. We always take a set of Southwest Equine travel panels so we can make a pen pretty much anywhere!
That’s all for this week, good luck wherever you’re headed!