1381243_604457549592881_1478734790_nQuestion:“I notice that some people run their forefinger down the spoke of the rope when spinning their loop and others do not. My question, would be why do some do this and others don’t and is there any disadvantage to do this? Does it offer more control of your loop? I tend to find it more uncomfortable but that may be because I swing the loop from a three-quarter arm position. This coming from 35 years of right-handed pitching.

David Jusseaume of Townsville, North Queensland, Australia asked ERA Team Roper Jake Barnes this question


JakeBarnesPortraitHere is your answer from Jake Barnes:

I do it to control the top of my loop and to keep it open. Heelers tend to grip their loop with more of a closed grip. I feel that your throw should be strong with a real precise delivery, so the loop needs to come off of your fingertips. And not throw it with a lot of force.

Another great question for one of our fabulous ERA Ropers, thanks David for your question we hope Jake answered it for you and helped any other roper out there with a similar training question.



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