Hi! This weeks blog is about Bute (phenylbutazone) vs. banamine (flunixin meglumine). I chose to compare these 2 drugs because they’re the most commonly used. Both Bute and Banamine are only prescribed and bought legally from a veterinarian. Both of these drugs are in the NSAID category, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. When a horse is hurt their body will produce a chemical called prostaglandin at the injury.  NSAIDS inhibit the production of prostaglandin and inflammation. Though these drugs are similar, they work better for different issues.

A few things about Bute- Bute works very well for orthopedic issues ( arthritis, joints, bones…). Bute builds up in the horses system.  Bute can make some horses mouths numb.
Banamine- Banamine is an excellent fever reducer. It works very well on abdominal pain  (colic). It is better for some muscular issues. (Dr. Veneklassen)

Please check with your vet before using either of these drugs. When they are misused or overused they can cause serious health issues.

Hillary and Travis TryanHappy fall everyone!!
Dr. Gregg Veneklassen
Dr. Mandy Holland