Dear Dale Brisby

Dear Dale Brisby, You know I’m 60 and generally a peaceable sort, but this morning … having been spent with several self-absorbed, tedious sorts while deprived of vital hormones themselves being counted out for hours at the local Walgreen’s; I arrived there to be told...

Equine with Hillary: Checklist!

Hi! This weeks blog is about Bute (phenylbutazone) vs. banamine (flunixin meglumine). I chose to compare these 2 drugs because they’re the most commonly used. Both Bute and Banamine are only prescribed and bought legally from a veterinarian. Both of these drugs...

AIR: A Bucking Horse’s Notes from the Road

Me and my crew, we know about big vented shifty boxes with 65 mile an hour diesel scented air conditioning. It’s all right. Me and my kind, we like air. We like the way it smells on our way down the ramp at a tour stop. Sweet with cotton candy and kettle corn; sweet...

Equine with Hillary: Check List!

Hi everyone! I’ve been hearing A lot about equine ulcers lately, so I decided to do some research… there are 2 kinds of ulcers that are treated differently- I will talk about stomach ulcers today…. 1.) WHY should I be concerned? According to

A Barrel Racer’s Blog with Meghan Johnson

I’ve never had to pack a trailer with enough stuff to be gone for months. After Redding my next rodeo run started with Silver City, NM. Luckily for me that’s one hour north west of my parent’s house. In the past we have always done bad there, but this year I managed...

Traveling with a Professional Rodeo Cowboy!

Blog by Sydney Asay Sydney is married to professional bull rider Kanin Asay. After six weeks of beating down the rodeo trail down south, we are a couple weeks into being home. We had a great time on the road. Filled with bull riding, good southern food (CRAWFISH),...