Hi everyone!  This post is about minor cuts. The other day a horse on our place got kicked by another. I knew the cuts needed attention but also that it wasn’t major. I’ll walk you through our process!

image3Day 1:
So after this mare got kicked I went immediately to the hose to clean the cuts. I discovered this puncture. I cleaned the cut thoroughly. I thought this hole may need stitches but the vet checked and said no. Punctures can drain and he also felt like the stitches may slough out in just a few days. Here is what he told me to do. He suggested a tetanus shot. ( This Mare had an EWT shot in May, but he informed me they only last a few months!). He suggested starting her  on an antibiotic such as Tucoprim/Uniprim .image4
This is given orally based upon weight. 1x per day for 5-7 days.
He also said to keep something on it like silver spray or Nitrofurazone.
He said to keep it clean each day. I found these little gems at Teskeys for less than 3$. Scrub, scrub, scrub.

Day 3:
There was some clear drainage today, but my vet said that was ok. He said it was looking better and that if we could keep it clean it should close up in 7-10 days!

Even if a cut or puncture looks small it’s important that they don’t get infected! Call you vet and be proactive!
Thanks for stopping by, see you all down the road!




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