Record Book Breakdown

Apart from Brazile’s stunning arena-record-tying run of 6.5-seconds in the tie-down roping last night, there were a few other insertions into the record book. Steven Peebles’ 89.5-point ride on Frontier Rodeo’s Full Baggage broke the Round 8 record of 89 points set...

Horse Care When It Comes to Minor Cuts

Hi everyone!  This post is about minor cuts. The other day a horse on our place got kicked by another. I knew the cuts needed attention but also that it wasn’t major. I’ll walk you through our process! Day 1: So after this mare got kicked I went...

Fashion Spotlight!

I spotted Jenny Ohl looking absolutely beautiful at the first round of the Cinch Boyd Gaming Chute Out wearing a cute knitted dress accented with some turquoise and leather jewelry.  What caught my eye were her fabulous Corral vintage boots. Rodeo Fame Fashion By-...

Vegas Fashion Spotlight!

The fashion in Vegas this year just gets better and better. I’m loving all the fur, fringe, sequence, and fun hats that have been sported so far. They say this is the time of year when Vegas turns into a cowboy town, with every cowboy come a cowgirl and these...