2016 WNFR Special Edition!!

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Spoon Creek Bronc Riding School

Story by Lori O’Harver Photos Courtesy of the ERA. There’s a legacy and certain amount of history involved in the ancient art of bronc riding and the relatively newer bareback riding. It’s of course got to do with the primal spirit of a certain kind of horse who...

Helldorado Days & PBR…A Power Packed Combo

In a flamboyant city known for weddings on demand, the marriage of PBR and the Las Vegas Elks Lodge just combined dynamic marketing and production prowess with a legendary, local Western event to put the fire permanently back into the seventy-something year old...

Dear Dale Brisby

Dear Dale Brisby, You know I’m 60 and generally a peaceable sort, but this morning … having been spent with several self-absorbed, tedious sorts while deprived of vital hormones themselves being counted out for hours at the local Walgreen’s; I arrived there to be told...