Story by Lori O’Harver
Photos Courtesy of the ERA.

There’s a legacy and certain amount of history involved in the ancient art of bronc riding and the relatively newer bareback riding. It’s of course got to do with the primal spirit of a certain kind of horse who is determined to not be ridden, but when it comes to people, the legacy at Spoon Creek Rodeo Ministries  and their upcoming August bronc riding school; it all began with a Kansas cowboy on a mission named George Steinberger.

Steinberger is an old bronc rider whose heart is committed to the Lord, young people in search of themselves and bucking horses. He has literally touched thousands of lives by combining his passions and following the path divinely lit for him through schools, ministry and generosity of spirit.

Two of the men who followed George to Jesus and on into the light are Scott Brooks and Will Lowe. Through the Spoon Creek school on August 26 through 28 in Hepler, Kansas, they’ll be stepping into what George taught them and sharing with a new generation of cowboys in search of success.

“I was a crusty kind of kid when I met George. He brought me to the love of Jesus and changed my life,” said Scott Brooks. “He passed on his passion for bucking horses to me. This past spring, George produced his last roughstock school. I called Will Lowe, another of George’s protégé’s and fans, he highly recommended Cort Scheer and the Spoon Creek Rodeo Ministries  that George founded is carrying on his legacy.”

At 33, Will Lowe is a veteran of the bareback riding event. He’s been to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (fourteen (14) times, won the PRCA world title three (3) times, won the WNFR average twice and is in the pack of leaders in the Elite Rodeo Association’s inaugural year. While he was earning his spurs at Steinberger’s Homestead Bronc Schools, he learned to teach and mentored many in not just the arena but the ways of a gentleman cowboy of Christ. He brings that in his riggin’ back to the students at this school.

At 30, Cort Scheer is also a veteran of his event, the saddle bronc riding. He’s made five trips to the WNFR, the average win at the Canadian Finals Rodeo and the first man to ride the great Canadian Bucking Horse of the Year, Outlaw Bucker’s Lunatic Party, for 90 points. He’s talented, driven and positive. Lowe’s first choice of Scheer as an instructor was a good one.

For students 15 and older, tuition is $350 and each event is limited to 10 students for intensive, one on one training, coaching and assistance. The deadline for registration is August 12. Online applications or downloads can be accessed at

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