We sometimes get the serious questions from fans, asking about how they train, what’s

the best equipment and how they deal with the serious side of competition.

This week we had Kelsey Summerfield from Nebo, Central Queensland, Australia ask something fun. She wanted to see if we could get her question answered by ERA Steer Wrestler Luke Branquinho.

12493655_10206432432864103_6518286249843501631_oKelsey asked:
“If you could challenge any other ERA Athlete to a LipSync Battle who would you challenge and what song would you give them?” Well Kelsey we loved that you took your question outside the box.

Here is Luke’s answer:
“Hi Kelsey, I would challenge ERA Steer Wrestler Kyle Irwin to Lip Sync, Single Ladies by Beyonce’”

What a fun question to ask, we will have to wait and see if Kyle will complete your Lip Sync question you posed to Luke.

Thanks for your question, we know the athletes love to be able to answer fan questions no matter how serious or silly they may seem to be. After all we all love the lighter side of rodeo, right?

If you want to ask a question to one of our ERA Athletes, you can post your question under the pinned post on our Facebook page or you can email your question to erin@rodeofame.com.
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