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We are known for our cutting edge content on everything rodeo. Our Magazine highlights the most talented and talked-about rodeo athletes in the world.


There’s no other source that gives an insider’s look into the lifestyle of rodeo stars – from fashion, diet, home-life, rigs, animals, experiences, to travels and more.

Latest News Stories

Trevor Brazile’s Advice to High School Ropers

I had some success in high school rodeo, but nothing like you would think a world champion would have had at that time. I competed all four years of high school, and I made it to the national high school nals once. I won the state championship – I was the number-one –...

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Rodeo Famous Rigs with Tuf Cooper

Tuf Cooper has one ultimate rig that he travels in. We caught up with Tuf to get the low down on his truck and trailer that he travels in around the country. RFM: What brand of truck and trailer do you run? TC: I run a Chevy Truck and tow a Bloomer Trailer RFM: Why do...

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Rodeo Famous Recipes

Pastachuta, A Favorite Recipe of Bob Tallman. That's what Grandma called it! In a medium size sauce pan, melt 1-2 cubes of butter on low to medium heat. Once butter is melted, add 1 chopped onion, 5-6 cloves of fresh, pressed garlic and salt and pepper 
to taste....

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July 2017 Issue

Rodeo Fashion Bonner Bolton: His Wildest Dream Becomes Reality | Janzen & Katy Jade | Denim & Velvet Marketing & Design | The Perfect Way to Grow Your Business | A Bright Future

The Stars & Their Stories

BFO Beginning Rodeo Run

Cody Stampede will be the First of Several Big Events for Bullfighters Only The Cody (Wyo.) Stampede is one of the most established events in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, with a history that dates back nearly 100 years. It’s also the kick-off point for...

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Tuckness Takes Cup in Decatur

Photo obtained from Google images, original post from The New Yorker []{PHOTOGRAPH BY MICHAEL SMITH / WYOMING TRIBUNE EAGLE / AP}  Tuckness strikes again  Wyoming man earns 2nd...

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Barbosa Wins 2nd Career PBR Event…

...with perfect performance in Chicago Lockwood remains on top of standings, Marchi continues to set all-time record. CHICAGO – Veteran Brazilian Rubens Barbosa (Iacaira, Brazil) ran the table on his way to victory in the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Chicago...

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Rodeo Style

Do you want exclusive stories on the current western lifestyle of the world’s leading rodeo athletes?

Fashion & Beauty

Your only source for current rodeo fashion trends.

Rodeo Rigs & Animals

Everything you want to know about today’s Rodeo Rigs.

Travel & Cuisine

Exclusive Access Inside the World of Rodeo.

Latest Style Stories

Skin Hydration Recipe

Pamper Your Face this Fall Can you believe it's September? Time to break out the layers and pumpkin spice everything. It also means being committed to my skin care routine to keep my skin hydrated! I have quickly fallen in love with DIY recipes and natural skin...

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FALLing In Love With Makeup

2017 Fall Makeup Trends  This fall is all about highlighting your natural beauty in the most glamorous ways possible. There are a lot of fun fall beauty trends to try this year, these are just a few of my personal favorite items. The warm shades of peachy oranges,...

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High Fashion Hats

Hats are currently on a rise in both high fashion and western fashion industries and prove to be a great accessory year-round. Straw in the spring and summer months are wonderful for blocking sun and keeping your hair held down from the wind. You know what I mean,...

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Chris Dumond

Chris Dumond

Featured Photographer

A good story makes you listen but a good story with a good photo can take you to another world. That’s what we want to do at rodeo fame, invite you inside our world.


We work close with photographers and enjoy telling their story because without them, we couldn’t do what we do. They live on the scene and literally capture moments of life for us to remember. Their talent is raw and passionate, and that makes me feel extremely honored to work with them. Every photographer brings a different perspective to the table. Looking at life from different perspectives can teach us to not judge at first glance, take a second look and then a second look…

April P
Rodeo Fame Magazine

Meet Our Featured Photographer

Chris Dumond

What is your style?
>> I try to make images that create a sort of tension for the viewer. It’s storytelling, for sure, but really focusing on the point in the story where’s there’s an explosion of action, or reaction, or there’s something about to happen and the viewer is just forced to hang suspended in this moment of complete tension. So whether that’s grainy black and white, or a tightly cropped long lens shot, or a big color/wide-angle shot, I’m really looking for the action and tension.

Most memorable photoshoot?
>> I shot the Sahara Marathon in 2001 in Algeria. I rode 26 miles in the back of a LandCruiser with a reporting team from Le Monde (French Newspaper). We exchanged pocket knives and smiled a lot at each other, since they didn’t speak English and I don’t speak French. I also met the real-life Hunter “Patch” Adams, who was there providing humanitarian/medical aid to the refugee camp we stayed in.

Why photography?
>>So much of my life is striving and trying to force things to happen, working against nature to produce order from chaos. Photography actually forces me to slow down and engage with the world around me and simply observe it as it is—on it’s own terms. Photography has taken me to places I normally would not have the opportunity to go—behind the bucking chutes at a rodeo is a great example! Photography always gives me the best seat in the house, either right in the action or behind the scenes. It’s an “all-access pass” to life!

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