Never mind the mansions, Cowboys create their own oasis with their bare hands…

We caught up with Bareback Rider, Ryan Gray, to get a look at his ‘Rodeo Crib.’

RFM: When did you purchase your house?

RG: We built this house/cabin in 2012.

RFM: Where is your home located?

RG: Located north of Reardan, Washington.

RFM: What was it that made you fall in love with your home?

RG: The landscape is beautiful and that’s what we love the most about our place!

RFM: Who decorated the interior?

RG: My wife, Lacy, does all the decorating.

RFM: What improvements have you made since you’ve lived there?

RG: We have built the whole thing from scratch by ourselves.

RFM: Why is this house so suited to you and your family?

RG: This used to be our summer home. We lived in Texas during the winter and here in the summer. Then we sold our Texas home and moved here permanently. We are planning a larger home on the property now. But we love our 400 sq. ft. home right now. We are all close and we love it.

RFM: Where is your favorite place to hang out at home?

RG: My favorite place in my home is the front porch. I like to drink coffee and enjoy the view.

RFM: What is your biggest house rule?

RG: Biggest house rule is no shoes.

RFM: What do you feel makes your home special?

RG: It’s unique; we don’t have a television and it’s small so we enjoy our time with each other. A lot of the decor is handmade or built by us.

Featured image obtained through google images and all other images supplied by Ryan Gray and family
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