So many ropers out there when they start are always gifted a rope to use, especially for their first few times. But how do they choose a rope? So I thought I would ask ERA Tie-Down Roper Clif Cooper some advise. I know I started with Classic ropes, then moved to Cactus, now I have a decent collection of both, but what one should I stick with?

So many of you out there would be in the same predicament as I. So I asked Clif, “How many ‘brands’ of ropes have you roped with, What brand of rope are you using now and why did you choose that one?” Most importantly though I asked, “What advice would you give any roper when deciding on the best ‘brand’ of rope to use?”

Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010 in , Texas. (Photo by =2007889=)This is what Clif told me:
Hey Erin,I’ve tried almost every kind of tie down rope out there. I use a grass rope to perform with. My advice on what type of rope to use would be; to use whatever rope feels good to them, “One that when you swing it, in the back of your mind you feel like you could win first with it!”

WOW, that was some great simple advice from one of the most talented ropers on the ERA roster. I don’t know about you, but I’m headed to the practice pen to work through my ropes!

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